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Appalled / Aroused

La Pequeña Hillary Clinton

This dude wants to make love to his muscle.

Meanwhile, something useful: YouTube Reveals Video Analytics Tool for All Users

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what i am doing...

  • I'll begin my day with a fresh cup of Senator Norm Coleman announcing he's running for something, probably re-election. I'm hoping to stream the video live at The UpTake. Yes, I call it "Norman in the Mornin'!"
  • WestGlen Power Professionals Lunchtime Seminar. What's that? I don't exactly know, but PR-blogger-whiz-man-about-town Greg Swan has the lowdown. Charged with creating viral buzz for your brand’s products or services but not sure how to navigate the constantly changing world of Internet communications and social media? Call Corn Guy.
  • Secret RNC planning at the Walker Art Center
  • Commenting on Aaron Landry's controversial Twitter post
  • CAT UPDATE: Oh hey my cat Jasmine seems to be feeling better, yeah she was not eating. Bad tooth situation. I'd post a photo here, but my Flickr Pro account has lapsed and I'm fuckass broke.
  • Hugs :) :) :)

Yet another video of Mooki licking my head. Daddy's hair taste like dead bunnies!

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Let's be sad and beautiful together on Easter

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Rock the Red Tail!

Rock the Red Tail is on Saturday. It's a fundraiser for a MN-based documentary about Northwest Airlines, specifically a mechanic who lost his job and goes to Hong Kong to meet his replacement.

There'll be some excellent music: Mike Gunther, Joanna James, Martin Devaney, all kinds of fun. Your tax-deductible donation will help the filmmakers go to China to film the last part of the film. FYI, The airline mechanics in Hong Kong may well lose their NWA gig to China, where labor is even cheaper. And apparently, the repair manuals are in English.

Watch the trailer here and watch for an interview with the filmmakers on The UpTake.

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Mooki washes my hair

Mah hare taste lik catfoods? Please rate and comment on YouTube!

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The UpTake in Texas

While Lorika and I have been sunning and eco-touring Puerto Rico (did you see our big news?), The UpTake's Noah Kunin has been on the ground in Texas. We've got a liveblog tonight and a bunch of video gauging opinions leading up to today's primary/caucus, but this one should make some waves:

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