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Displacements - Michael Naimark from today and tomorrow on Vimeo.

Completely genius. I know, everyone uses that word too much. (via dembot)

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New Mountain Dew flavors!


I love Mountain Dew. Oh yeah. I love the rush, baby. I can't drink coffee very often, because it results in what I call a "Double-Ass Blowout" or sometimes even a "Triple-Ass Blowout." At morning meetings, everyone around the table has coffee and I have my caffeinated breakfast drink: Mountain Dew LiveWire. (Here, LiveWire = orange.) So it's almost like caffeinated orange juice, and in fact I've been known to mix the to for heady neural jumpstart.

Today at Target, the Mountain Dew was stacked high on the endcap. "Oh yay, it's on sale."

But wait... WTF? A blue box! A pretty ice blue box! More pretty new boxes! That's right, there are three new flavors:

Mountain Dew Revolution: Infused with Wild Berry fruit flavor and Ginseng
Mountain Dew Voltage: Charged with Raspberry Citrus flavor and Ginseng
Mountain Dew Supernova: With a Blast of Strawberry Melon Flavor and Ginseng

These are "Dew Drinker Designed" flavors, and only one of the three will survive. (Vote here.) I haven't tried them yet, but I'll post an update here when I do. I've been burned by new Dew flavors before, most notably Pitch Black II, some sort of extreme sour grape video game disaster. I have higher hopes for the new flavors - how wrong can basic fruits taste?

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My new fLAVORITE raveup

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ZOMFG Weezer FTW!!111!!one ;) j/k

Weezer squeezed the whole wide internets into one music video!

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Atmosphere on Conan

South Minneapolis will be proud: Atmosphere performs "You" on the Late Show. Killer.

UPDATE: I Just realized who that woman is singing on this awesome tune, and the last few Atmosphere albums: My old friend from Twin Cities Public Television, Mankwe Ndosi. Sweet! We used to work on a project called Learning Park and we on the teevee together once. She's an amazing improvisational vocalist and all-around love energy kind of person.

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Dang vandals...

Paint that shit gold

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Finally: Manbabies


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Trippy Fountain

Trippy Fountain (vid)
Originally uploaded by Chuckumentary

This is exactly what I want to do wtih Flickr video. Artsy moments, and also documentary moments.

More vid from Art-a-Whirl coming soon. I'm especially excited by the tipsy sunset footage of The Owls playing on a raft.

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Bill O'Reilly Flips Out on Inside Edition — DANCE REMIX

I simply can't get enough of this.

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