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New Mountain Dew flavors!


I love Mountain Dew. Oh yeah. I love the rush, baby. I can't drink coffee very often, because it results in what I call a "Double-Ass Blowout" or sometimes even a "Triple-Ass Blowout." At morning meetings, everyone around the table has coffee and I have my caffeinated breakfast drink: Mountain Dew LiveWire. (Here, LiveWire = orange.) So it's almost like caffeinated orange juice, and in fact I've been known to mix the to for heady neural jumpstart.

Today at Target, the Mountain Dew was stacked high on the endcap. "Oh yay, it's on sale."

But wait... WTF? A blue box! A pretty ice blue box! More pretty new boxes! That's right, there are three new flavors:

Mountain Dew Revolution: Infused with Wild Berry fruit flavor and Ginseng
Mountain Dew Voltage: Charged with Raspberry Citrus flavor and Ginseng
Mountain Dew Supernova: With a Blast of Strawberry Melon Flavor and Ginseng

These are "Dew Drinker Designed" flavors, and only one of the three will survive. (Vote here.) I haven't tried them yet, but I'll post an update here when I do. I've been burned by new Dew flavors before, most notably Pitch Black II, some sort of extreme sour grape video game disaster. I have higher hopes for the new flavors - how wrong can basic fruits taste?

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I can't believe Mountain Dew Heroin didn't make the cut! But when Corn Guy goes through enzymatic processing and turns into High Fructose Corn Syrup Guy, I can't hang.

Try a Mexican Coke at your next morning meeting! And since you're being so healthy, why not replace donuts with chicharrones?

Posted by: tom at May 26, 2008 11:02:45 PM

Aww--I liked the grape video game disaster... but do keep us posted on these new ones. Based on description, think I'd like the Voltage the most.

Posted by: Hannah Valentine at May 27, 2008 12:43:29 AM

tom: i *heart* Mexican Coke! now, if only they'd make it in "breakfast" flavor. did somebody say Mangos Y ChicharrĂ³n?

HV: I tried Voltage tonight, before it was completely cold. Tasty, kinda blue raspberry-ish. But, initial thought is I don't like it as much as either Code Red or LiveWire.

PepsiCo better send my a case of this crap.

Posted by: Chuck at May 27, 2008 1:18:29 AM

Aric had a "Revolution" yesterday. He said it was not so great.

Posted by: Crystal at May 27, 2008 11:09:48 AM

I'm sorry, I am sooo not down with a Mountain Dew flavor named "revolution". Way to cheapen the concept 'dew!

Posted by: Lorika at May 27, 2008 11:51:39 AM

Oh honey.... Nike cheapened "revolution" long ago, it's a dead horse!

Crystal: I still have only had "Voltage" and it is indeed not so great.

Posted by: Chuck at May 27, 2008 2:09:12 PM

What's the Dew flavor that's only available at Taco Bell?

Posted by: porridge at May 27, 2008 3:47:23 PM

porridge: Baja Blast - tropical lime. damn, now i have to try that too?!

Mountain Dew Supernova: With a Blast of Strawberry Melon Flavor and Ginseng is pretty crappy fruity sugar water.

Posted by: chuck at May 27, 2008 6:33:00 PM

Saweet! I'll have to look out for these. I'm a fan of the Dew myself, when I drink soda. One of the flavors I really liked was the one they made for the Halo 3 release. Very tasty stuff.

Posted by: Clintus at May 28, 2008 12:04:52 AM

And now, at last, I have tried the final of the three: Revolution.

I've come to the conclusion that they're all 99.9% the same artifical-fruit-flavored sugar water. I suppose I might have a slight preference for the .1% that is Wild Berry fake-flavored. But really, does it matter?

Now I have to drink all these sucky cans so I can return to Code Red and LiveWire.

Posted by: chuck at May 29, 2008 1:37:42 AM

Worst comes to worst you can always add some booze and create a tasty Dew cocktail. I'd imagine gin and maybe some bitters could tart up the Supernova crap rather nicely.

Posted by: Rich Goldsmith at May 29, 2008 10:57:02 AM

Aye i Drink the Supanova Err day at work and i think its good it just get flat to quick ***suckz*** other that that it rockz and they need to make baja blast in the stores that's the best flavor.

Posted by: ScooBz' at Jun 6, 2008 2:44:48 PM

I love the berry fusion mountian dew it was very different than the regular mou8ntian dew. Would love to get to taste the other new dew flavors.

Posted by: kenneth at Jun 9, 2008 4:36:28 AM

baja blast is definitely the best. and its only at taco bell. boo that

Posted by: Billy the Kid at Jun 13, 2008 5:26:42 AM

I love both of the new flavors I and I think both of them should stay on the market. I Like baja blast but these new flavors are better.

Posted by: Tiffany at Jun 13, 2008 4:14:04 PM

where can I buy the new flavors? I live in northern VA, but cannot find it anywhere.


Posted by: joe at Jun 16, 2008 8:56:59 AM

seriously! someone should let me kno where i can find any one of the flavors in castle rock co! i have heard some very different things about there new flavors. haha, but my favorite so far is puttin the gin in em...

Posted by: Skobe at Jun 19, 2008 9:20:34 AM

I found them at Walmart. I think they were 2 for $1 (for the bottles). I tried the Revolution and Supernova so far and the wild berry was definitely my favorite of the two (Revolution). I'm not a big fan of fake strawberry or raspberry though.

Posted by: Patti at Jun 20, 2008 1:24:18 AM

Has Mountain Dew considered pioneering a flavored drink for dogs? I think this would be a hit, especially if they flavored it "Other Dog's Butts!!!" Just an idea.
But on the note of the new dews... havn't tried them. I was just using this as an excuse to write a totally absurd comment.

Posted by: Shabangshnik at Jun 20, 2008 10:14:26 AM

Huh? Pitch Black II was the bestest! Can't wait to try the new flavors.

Posted by: fashionista at Jun 25, 2008 6:41:05 PM

If it's anything like "Voltage" and "Supernova", I suspect "Revolution" will be, as its name implies, REVOLTING.

Posted by: Jeff at Jul 9, 2008 8:31:18 AM

Pitch black is just grape pop with caffeine. Whats bad about that?
Baha Ass is by far the worst Dew ever created and Revolution is a clse second.

Posted by: Late to the party at Oct 13, 2008 11:48:20 PM

I've only had voltage and supernova. Voltage is okay but I'd rather pop the top off a bottle of Coke. Supernova.... it's.... interesting. It's not good, but it's not bad. It does get flat real easy though.

Posted by: Turd Sack at Dec 22, 2008 3:27:17 PM