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Old Coal Plant Smokestack Detonated

Little known to the general public, in order to keep our "mainstream press license", The UpTake needs to release a video of something exploding at least once per year. Here is our entry from St. Paul, MN.

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I am the dork

I am the Media (dainty summer remix) from chuckumentary on Vimeo.

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I'm on the Foxxy Teevee

FOX 9 News interviewed me about The UpTake's involvement in "I Approve This Message." What a fookin' Dork.

Video people - that's all of you - help out this project by making a short video of what you'd want to ask the RNC or DNC. End it with, "I Approve This Message." C'mon it's fun!

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Dear Republican National Convention...

The UpTake and Walker Art Center have teamed up on a project called I Approve This Message. It's a way of letting "the rest of us" have a voice in the very top-down, scripted event that is a political convention. What would you want to say to a Republican or Democrat delegate – or Obama, or McCain? Make a video and tag it "iapprovethismessage2008."

Here's a little video I made to help kickoff the project. It's from May Day Festival, so it's a little... okay a LOT... lefty. You absolutely must check out the trippy love dude at the end!

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Lara Logan Rocks!

"Have we lost our humanity?" asks Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, referring to our numbness to death in Iraq.

CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan says, "Yeah. We have."

Asked if she watched any of the nightly news programs in the United States replied:

"No. I'd blow my brains out if I had to do that. I'd go crazy."

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The Answer.

Originally uploaded by charles.hope

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London? Close...

Duluth Rowhouse
Originally uploaded by Barrett

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One more reason to love David Byrne

David Byrne, Playing the Building. It's funny to see Xeni Jardin acting like a doting fangirl.

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Funny video i find on the colinpowells.com

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