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DNC madness

Sneaking onto the Obama podium and getting turned away by secret service, and singing along to Michael McDonald's live Obama-fied rehearsal of "AMerica the Beautiful" Oh god


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Police Seize Journalists' Cameras and Notes About RNC Protest Plans

Thanks to The UpTake's Ken Avidor for capturing this video. It's a disturbing incident, especially when paired with other reports of photographers being hassled, and The UpTake will be following this issue very closely.

Vlad and his, err, comrades are artists and journalists. They are credentialed for The UpTake's RNC Media Room. They capture unique panoramic video and we intend to ensure the rights of our ciizen journalists are respected.

Check out this KSTP report on the same incident.

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Recreate 68 video from DNC


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I found Bob Collins


World peace imminent!

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We're hee--eeeere

Hello Denver. We've only just begun.

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Citizen Journalists detained in China


According to Free Tibet 2008 and boingboing, citizen journalist/filmmaker Brian Conley and his friend, union organizer Jeff Rae (both pictured above with unknown drunk lady outside a NYC bar) have been detained in Beijing for documenting Free Tibet actions. Well-known art vlogger Michael Liss of pouringdown.tv has apparently also been detained.

Noel Hidalgo was deported fairly quickly for a similar "offense," let's hope my vlogger friends are granted a safe and speedy release. I hereby induct you all into the citizen journalist Hall of Awesome.

Speaking of citizen journalist heroes, Josh Wolf got a nice writeup about his new bona-fide newspaper gig.

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Mobile video: Noel Hidalgo captures Tiananmen Square protest

UPDATE: Noel was deported form China after filming this protest

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Rielle Hunter filming John Edwards

UPDATE: Exclusive rights to this video have been sold to the Associated Press, so I've been asked to take it down from my blog.

UPDATE #2: I've been told the spelling is actually "Rielle" - whoops!

This video was originally posted Dec 31, 2006.

I was with the Edwards campaign, similarly filming behind-the-scenes video, when he launched his campaign in New Orleans in December 2006. After NOLA we went to Iowa where Edwards drew a huge crowd. There was a celebratory mood in the air as we got back on the Edwards jet to fly to New Hampshire.

On that flight, there was a lot of booze and elation, excitement and hope. Edwards was in the back of the plane with Reille, and a couple of other campaign staffers. I remember Edwards turning on his iPod and grooving his head around. I went back to use the bathroom and when I came out, decided to chat with Reille. She was very outgoing, maybe even flirtatious, but really nice. I asked how she got the gig filming webisodes, and she said she met him in a bar and they clicked, and she proposed some online documentary showing his authenticity. She told me about some Hollywood sitcom writing and other weird projects she'd been involved with - nothing I'd ever heard of.

Unfortunately, I've always held a small seed of suspicion that the affair rumors could be true from my short experience with the campaign. But I'm nevertheless very saddened to hear it's true, especially sad for Elizabeth Edwards who is an even more inspiring figure than John Edwards.

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An inspiring conversation

Naomi Klein, who inspired and informed the media criticism segments of Blogumentary, and Tom Hayden, one of the "Chicago Seven" at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, talk about journalism, activism, making ripples and embracing your inner misfit.

Video below the fold.

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Sometimes, you've got to throw an egg in the fuckin' lake.

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