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Rielle Hunter filming John Edwards

UPDATE: Exclusive rights to this video have been sold to the Associated Press, so I've been asked to take it down from my blog.

UPDATE #2: I've been told the spelling is actually "Rielle" - whoops!

This video was originally posted Dec 31, 2006.

I was with the Edwards campaign, similarly filming behind-the-scenes video, when he launched his campaign in New Orleans in December 2006. After NOLA we went to Iowa where Edwards drew a huge crowd. There was a celebratory mood in the air as we got back on the Edwards jet to fly to New Hampshire.

On that flight, there was a lot of booze and elation, excitement and hope. Edwards was in the back of the plane with Reille, and a couple of other campaign staffers. I remember Edwards turning on his iPod and grooving his head around. I went back to use the bathroom and when I came out, decided to chat with Reille. She was very outgoing, maybe even flirtatious, but really nice. I asked how she got the gig filming webisodes, and she said she met him in a bar and they clicked, and she proposed some online documentary showing his authenticity. She told me about some Hollywood sitcom writing and other weird projects she'd been involved with - nothing I'd ever heard of.

Unfortunately, I've always held a small seed of suspicion that the affair rumors could be true from my short experience with the campaign. But I'm nevertheless very saddened to hear it's true, especially sad for Elizabeth Edwards who is an even more inspiring figure than John Edwards.

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Chuck, I'm a photo editor with the Associated Press. We're interested in this image from your video. Can you contact us? (212)621-1900

Posted by: James Nieves at Aug 8, 2008 4:20:39 PM

I have a photo too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/scobleizer/338768041/

Posted by: Robert Scoble at Aug 8, 2008 7:37:51 PM


Posted by: Robert Scoble at Aug 8, 2008 7:43:53 PM

Hey Robert - give the AP a call, they might be interested!

Posted by: Chuck at Aug 8, 2008 7:46:40 PM

Chuck, already talked to them. Who knew that when we were on that plane that it would be a news event 1.5 years later? Crazy.

Posted by: Robert Scoble at Aug 8, 2008 8:03:16 PM

w00t! Chuck's gonna buy a new pair a shoes on the AP's dime!

Posted by: Josh at Aug 8, 2008 8:52:09 PM

I have a clip from Reille Hunter's John Edwards video 'Plane Truths' on Vlog Soup 21.


Posted by: Steve Garfield at Aug 8, 2008 10:29:22 PM

It sure is a big pile of crazy.
Hang on to your footage. :-)

Posted by: Chuck at Aug 9, 2008 3:54:48 AM

lolol "Chuck On The SPOT!" :D

Posted by: Bill Cammack at Aug 10, 2008 9:22:01 PM

Hey Chuck,

How exactly do you feel about taking your own video off your site so AP could have exclusive rights?

I mean, I'm sure they paid you a decent chunk of change, but still...

...and I can't say that I wouldn't do the same thing. In fact, I did that very thing for Current without them even buying my video.

But I'd still like to know how you feel about it.

Posted by: Josh Wolf at Aug 12, 2008 4:06:47 AM

Hey Josh -- Yeah, I'm planning to put my video back up with those 6 seconds edited out. Or maybe replace it with the still above. I'm very fond of the video though I don't think people are exactly clamoring for it. :-)

I'm fine with it, since removing those few seconds of Reille Hunter don't detract at all from the entire video. It is a little strange though.

Posted by: Chuck at Aug 12, 2008 7:25:38 AM

Here is the Huffington Post 23/6 faux interview of Rielle Hunter.

Posted by: Egregious at Aug 12, 2008 12:19:31 PM

Hey Chuck,
I was just asked to take a look at some my videos of John Edwards in NH and found this video of you and Scoble:


"Chuck Olsen talks about the behind the scenes work of uploading John Edwards announcement video from New Orleans onto YouTube, and gives us some details on flipping the switch on the campaign website early. Robert Scoble talks about the power of capturing fleeting moments with the candidate and sharing them online. You can see personal moments of the candidate with people and might be there to capture a moment that could make international news.

Reposted from 12/30/2006: Behind the Scenes: John Edwards, YouTube and the Campaign Website "

Posted by: steve Garfield at Aug 12, 2008 4:13:41 PM