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Unearthed sci-fi news video

Behold: Voltron Evening News!

I'd given up hope of ever finding this video I did as a "digital arts" student at MCTC in 2002. I happened upon a backup DVD with this crappy Quicktime rough cut while looking for CDs to sell. The final version was better, with a weird backwards Japanese girl commercial repeating "Smoke dilithium cigarettes" over and over. Also, when Stan Ratherston14 reveals that the clone wars have begun, the station goes on standby and you hear the sound of aliens doing some crazy shit. Then Stan Ratherston15 goes on the air.

I need to get back to this sort of thing - whatever this sort of thing is.

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Rock Music Peaked in 1973

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Rather than talk about the last 2 weeks

I'll just post this bit of genius.


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