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2008.... "whoa"

Si I can

I honestly can't yet wrap my head around 2008. I spent the year so deeply immersed in politics that a thousand showers will not wash off the smell. But oh, what an exciting musk it is! My man Mike McIntee has a 2008 recap from The UpTake that comes pretty close to summing it up. "We Need God in our Governments" is one video I produced that still generates a lot of conversation.

Meanwhile, in case you didn't notice because I haven't overtly told you, MN Stories is back in business. [UPDATE: MN Stories had to be taken offline because the site kept getting hacked, due to ClipShare being an unsecure platform.I'm pretty excited about it. I decided to go live as soon as it was more or less functional and looked good, but there are many tweaks and improvements planned. Most of all, I just want the site to make it easy for anyone to upload and watch Minnesota-themed videos. It also means I'm back in the saddle making those MNstories-style vids, which is probably what I'm most excited about for 2009. Please check it out and keep giving me feedback. I want MN Stories to kick ass.

Before we get to 2009, here's a flashback to New Year's Eve 2007. Enjoy the shit out of it!


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