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Walker panel

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One Year in 40 seconds

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

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Followed by tiny red televisions


Photographer James Cooper, via rolu dsgn

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For #artdate, I made this video:

Ocean Brain from chuckumentary on Vimeo and YouTube.

Lorika made this currently-untitled painting:


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Time Out 4 Fun!

I'm gradually posting long forgotten vlog-era videos to the YouTubes. Here's one now.
Original uncensored version (with cock!) is on Vlog Deathmatch.

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Another day making the sausage


Actually WHAT REALLY HAPPENED is my man Tom Elko headed down to a noontime presser at Coleman HQ in St. Paul.
FIGHT THE POWER I told him, later corrected to ACCESS THE POWER. This is how it turned out (predictably):

Yeah, we don't have much time for it either. I'm sure we're quite the joke down at the Coleman HQ. Heck, we're quite the joke down at The UpTake HQ. (Come to our fundraiser, for $100 we'll have you thrown out of a political event of your choosing!) Still, this was the third time we'd been kicked out and I wanted to do something. A bit too dramatic? A stunt? Maybe, but it felt right. I had a live "press conference" of my own, but I was muzzled.


I put up various messages like "The UpTake Muzzled - This could have been live Coleman coverage" while playing other clips of us getting kicked out, along with interview footage with Prof. Jane Kirtley saying that sort of behavior has not held up in the courts. I started editing more press freedom-related clips as I silently protested, and tossed them into rotation. It was sort of improv political theater protest - yeah, something as pretentious as that I'm afraid.

People noticed, though, which was the point. MNspeak, Greg Swan, Minnesota Independent, and Digital Journal – and a bunch of other cool people on the twitters and stuff – you guys rock and I kiss your butts hard.


“We’re part of this struggle to legitimize the future of journalism” + “What happens to one journalist happens to all journalists.”

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this is really what i'm going for

Crayoneater. Crayoneater. Crayoneater.

James Jean, congratulations! You are apparently extremely awesome.

By the way, did you hear everything in the known universe is moving at 2 million mph in the same direction, and that this phenomenon is called "dark flow"? Yeah. Now they tell us.

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Happy Halloween. Have you hugged your dinosaur to-day?


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Blu strikes Tate Modern


via Northern Lights, "a roving, collaborative, interactive media-oriented, arts agency from the Twin Cities for the world." They've organized a symposium called Experimenting with Art in Public Places on Oct. 11 at MCAD. I'll be on a panel called "Technologies of Engagement." That probably means like, using iPhones and FAX machines to get married.

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Rather than talk about the last 2 weeks

I'll just post this bit of genius.


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