Fantasty excursion: Obama Victory video

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DNC madness

Sneaking onto the Obama podium and getting turned away by secret service, and singing along to Michael McDonald's live Obama-fied rehearsal of "AMerica the Beautiful" Oh god


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Police Seize Journalists' Cameras and Notes About RNC Protest Plans

Thanks to The UpTake's Ken Avidor for capturing this video. It's a disturbing incident, especially when paired with other reports of photographers being hassled, and The UpTake will be following this issue very closely.

Vlad and his, err, comrades are artists and journalists. They are credentialed for The UpTake's RNC Media Room. They capture unique panoramic video and we intend to ensure the rights of our ciizen journalists are respected.

Check out this KSTP report on the same incident.

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Recreate 68 video from DNC


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I found Bob Collins


World peace imminent!

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We're hee--eeeere

Hello Denver. We've only just begun.

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