New Mountain Dew flavors!


I love Mountain Dew. Oh yeah. I love the rush, baby. I can't drink coffee very often, because it results in what I call a "Double-Ass Blowout" or sometimes even a "Triple-Ass Blowout." At morning meetings, everyone around the table has coffee and I have my caffeinated breakfast drink: Mountain Dew LiveWire. (Here, LiveWire = orange.) So it's almost like caffeinated orange juice, and in fact I've been known to mix the to for heady neural jumpstart.

Today at Target, the Mountain Dew was stacked high on the endcap. "Oh yay, it's on sale."

But wait... WTF? A blue box! A pretty ice blue box! More pretty new boxes! That's right, there are three new flavors:

Mountain Dew Revolution: Infused with Wild Berry fruit flavor and Ginseng
Mountain Dew Voltage: Charged with Raspberry Citrus flavor and Ginseng
Mountain Dew Supernova: With a Blast of Strawberry Melon Flavor and Ginseng

These are "Dew Drinker Designed" flavors, and only one of the three will survive. (Vote here.) I haven't tried them yet, but I'll post an update here when I do. I've been burned by new Dew flavors before, most notably Pitch Black II, some sort of extreme sour grape video game disaster. I have higher hopes for the new flavors - how wrong can basic fruits taste?

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New Corn Guy video

Watch + favorite pleez on YouTube and!

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Local Phood Blawgs

Sometimes I spell things funny to dissuade Google from caring about my writings. Strange, no?

Anyway, check out Raw Food, RIght Now! "The raw food blog for people who live in the real world." I don't know much about raw food, but Heidi and Justin are super cool. I feel they'll have me eating new things and looking at food differently. Also check out Eating the MInneapple -   Joy Estelle's detailed accounts of recreational eating adventures in our burgeoning foodie town.

Hooray for more food blogs! Speaking of, Lorika and I are working on a top secret vlog project along these lines. Stay, uhh, tuned. Stay subscribed? Oh these newfangled compugadgets, with all their buttons and flashing lights.

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Fine Vlog-Dining

Chuck and Lorika are back on the restaurant review trail, starting with Chambers Kitchen. This is, hands-down, one of the best meals we've ever had. (Auriga, sadly closing this week, holds second place.)

Please note, this was done with my old camera which was sucky in low light conditions. From now on, these things will look pretty decent. My new camera rocks. Check out my latest MSP video featuring Queer Eye for the Straight Guy's Carson Kressley.

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Lorika emailed me at work today and said "Bring home some Apricot Ale! It's hot!" Well, I did better than that. Not only did I procure some Pyramid Apricot Ale, but: Stoney Creek Vanilla Porter, Old Foghorn "Barleywine style" Ale, a Belgian Peach Lambic, and the delicious treat pictured here, Lillet. Lillet Blanc is a refreshing, fruity but not-too-sweet aperitif, made from sauvignon blanc and semillon grapes.  Hinting of honey and orange, it's meant to be sipped about a half hour before dinner. I started sipping much earlier. In fact - why not? - I might just have Lillet for dinner.


Here's Lorika trying to fill our newly-and-amateurishly constructed raised garden with dirt. Yeah, we're gonna need about a jillion more bags.

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