I don't even have time for my first life, let alone Second Life!

Doktor Neurocam visits Aren Mandala's vlog-pad

Dokneuro3The last time I looked into Second Life, it was PC-only. That was both good and bad, because I didn't want to spend all my time flying around and having fun. Actually I did, all too much - you know what I mean. Plus it costed moneys. But now there's a Mac version, and you can play for free. Andrew and Michael Verdi turned me onto it. Verdi even has a floating pad that plays videoblogs in a loop - it's incredible. And he has a spaceship!

Verdi made himself as tall as he could. I spent too much time on my body... I didn't even idealize myself much. I just need to get some cool glasses so that guy really is me. Look at me, I'm all metrosexual.

This all gets me thinking even more about The Singularity, "the moment when humans create a technology more intelligent than themselves." Imagine if I could store some part of myself, my thoughts and knowledge and personality and behaviors, in Doktor Neurocam. Now we really are talking about a Second Life. Wouldn't it be strange if you could interact with this version of myself after I'm gone? I think that would be really cool and potentially entertaining. I've always loved the idea of a funny tombstone... "NO FARTING PLEASE" or "YOU SHOULD SEE THE OTHER GUY." I'd love to make people laugh after I'm dead. Well nowwww you can, with new Second Life!

Food for thought, and for worms.

Bullemhead's "The Singularity" video

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