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  • DIY Space Bre Pettis and a whole crew of MAKE magazinesters take a payload of digital cameras 100,000 feet up... into space. Cool! Can't wait to see the video.

  • Kevin Smith Watched Galacticast! So freaking cool. Tim Shey and his camera dude fought through the storm troopers and jerky handlers guarding Smith at ComicCon. (via NewTeeVee)

  • USA Today adds social networking features Every newspaper web site in America should, at the bare minimum, have comments. Allowing people to contribute photos and blog is even better - video would have been better still. Steve Rubel says they need to go further. I applaud this though, and if they add RSS they'll be leading the way.
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  • Scotty's dead... but he's being shot into space!
  • Michael Verdi is my vlog-hero. Be prepared for the full monty and the gentle couch love.
  • Napoleon Dynamite action figures!
  • Rex is in CJ's column because of his increasingly-famous 'Prairie Ho Companion' tees.
  • Infinite Flickr: The Movie
  • Videocue 2: Vlog software (err, teleprompter) for Mac
  • BBC Digital Citizens: The blogger, The podcaster, the filmmaker, the DIY DJ. What of the videoblogger?
  • The results of a Weblog Ethics survey. Turns out personal bloggers are different from non-personal bloggers. No, seriously. But they do have something in common - no desire of a code of ethics.
  • Inspiring (final?) post from Texas filmmaker and extremely cool dude James: "With limited money and limited resources what can an artist do. Be creative and put the balls to wall and do something." Fuck yeah brother.

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    Unfortunate Star Wars CostumesIs my blog becoming boring? Joi Ito thinks his is. Ahh, the blues of an A-lister.

    Speaking of A-listers, according to Steve Garfield I was demoted from B-list to C-list on Blogebrity. I was so depressed I didn't leave the house all day. Kidding! It's actually a pretty genius idea to make bloggers link to them, thus improving their chances of winning the Contagious Media Showdown. I intended to enter myself, but will have to reserve my secret idea for another day. (Side-note: I've personally met 25% of those A-listers - shouldn't I get some sort of "rabid blog-fan" award?)

    I haven't seen Return of the Sith yet, but I did enjoy The Sith Sense with Lord Vader. Especially the cameo by Subservient Chicken.

    Meanwhile, freeper wingnuts attempt George Lucas boycott. Good luck with that.

    Cine-tastic filmmaker David Lowery (*waves*) made a lovely vlog-film reflecting on his life's Star Wars influence.

    Jordan Makes Videos and he's 7 years old. His first video is so cute, and subversive.

    O'Reilly reports iTunes may soon support podcasts. Joy! With iTunes already supporting video, can videoblog support be far behind?

    Check out Ryanne's video compression tutorials for iMovie and Final Cut if you're uploading video to the web.

    Renewed talk at FOX about bringing fresh Futurama content directly to DVD!!

    And finally, more good news to people with ears and brains: Map Reveals Wind Power Potential "could generate enough electricity to support the world's energy needs several times over." Can you imagine it? Also check out the Arcosanti urban experiment in Arizona.

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  • Long Tail TV: Conclusion
  • Dave Winer talks to Joe Trippi about the Dean blogger payola hubbub: MP3
  • Meet 15 year-old Italian vlogger Rossellae. Cha cha cha.
  • Want my old job?
  • South By Southwest is looking pretty sweet: Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks, Todd Solondz with his new film Palindromes, Luke and Andrew Wilson's The Wendell Baker Story (starring Luke and Owen Wilson), and... the Wonkette. If I make it down, I of course can't wait to meet David Lowery and see Deadroom.

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    Sorry I haven't been posting much, dear blogfans. How can someone so unemployed be so busy? And yet sleep so much? I'm doing Blogumentary things. I'm wheeling and dealing. Rex bought me a rusty nail at Psycho Suzi's Motor Lounge. That's a full day in my book, but no - then I went to something called a "Battle Rap." Seriously. I saw some rappers "front" and get "served." I'll vlog about it soon.

  • Jeff Jarvis: Exploding TV
  • OJR: Tsunami Video Alliance Portends Future Distribution for Amateurs
  • Engadget: Steve Jobs keynote - finally, an iPod I can afford. I'm looking forward to iChat with mutiple people too.
  • Media Bloggers Association: Blogger Legal Defense Project
  • Boston Phoenix: Feed Your Head is a good analysis of our new splintered DIY mediaverse
  • Choire Sicha Uncut - his vagina hurts! [via]

    And finally, if you've ever wanted to race around Paris in a sports car early one morning in 1976 (trust me - you have), here is your beautiful destiny:

    C'était un Rendez-vous [62 MB AVI] More info

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  • Yep, Six Apart Officially Acquired LiveJournal. Bloggers and LJers alike responded with drama but it seems to be settling. And look! Ben and Mena made the cover of Fortune magazine.
  • Jon Stewart wins! So long, Fucker Carlson.
  • Wanna see Stewie in the VO booth? Family Guy 2005 blog.
  • How the Democrats and Progressives Can Win: Solutions from George Lakoff is essential viewing. We went to a Democracy for Minnesota meetup tonight and saw it -- it's a succinct and easily-digestible summation of Lakoff's brilliant ideas.

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    Getting back from holiday, it seems the blogosphere is continuing to explode. The hotel elevator had CNN on so I caught constant glimpses of the tsunami disaster, but was otherwise blissfully ignorant of anything happening outside of a few Chicago streets. I'm sorry, but I must respectfully demand things stop happening for a day so I can catch up, and perhaps do some cleaning.

    For example, the videoblogging group rapidfires messages at me like bullets in The Matrix. Only I'm not "The One" so the bullets leave holes and now I'm bleeding. Soon I will consult The Oracle and also sleep on his couch. (See Vloggercon, above.)

    Dan Gillmor said farewell to his newspaper gig and started a new blog about grassroots journalism. [Blogumentary will be screening at the U of MN J-school next month and Dan is scheduled to speak.] He links to the new Pew report on the state of blogs. It seems this blog thing is catching on.

    Lots of conferences coming up: Blog Business Summit, Northern Voice, O'Reilly Etech, and of course SXSW 2005. (Which reminds me, I need to send SXSW a Blogumentary DVD in hopes of a joint Film/Interactive screening.)

    Fimoculous and JD Lasica have probably posted about everything else important.

    LOCAL NEWS: Whoa -- 89.3 FM snagged both Mark Wheat and Mary Lucia. With Thorn and Steve Nelson already at the helm, all they need now is Kevin Cole and Shawn Stewart to round out the old REV 105 gang.

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    "This is the zero hour."

    Sharyn climbing the 50,000-word mountain, stretching in every direction like a Ralph Steadman creature, possibly touching the void. Don't slip! (I'm prepared to really like The Arcade Fire.)

    Space Waitress: 23.  I believe I have a soul.
    Lorika: I forgot. Yes, people are cruel.
    Me: Crazy busy. Please standby.

    Go give Juliah a big cyberweb interhug. She's having a poopy week. Rejection letters and more. I know! Let's write her acceptance letters.

    We, the blogosphere, are happy to accept your right to write and vent, and to not give up.

    "So, wow, life is kinda annoying"

    Ciri: There may not be a promise land, but there are dreams out there for the claiming.

    The Polyphonic Spree makes everything better [Quicktime, 3 MB]

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    But three things I'm sure of:

  • Cory Doctorow is a genius
  • Joe Trippi is a democratic revolutionary
  • George W. Bush is a walking nightmare

    (A different view: Psycho Democrats, via Power Line)

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    That just says it all, doesn't it? Cock knocker, Fucky fucktard, fuckity shitbag, ass clown clusterfuck. These words are a cool salve on my pysche right now. Especially when expressed on dishtowels and things, from the mind of receptionista.

    I arrived at receptionista via "Angel of the Blogosphere" Tim, who has taken to audblogging entries from mystery blogs. Very cool meme, which I'd do now if it wasn't 4am.

    One post Tim read was from Rudderless.org, who've been having reservations about blogging lately. You are not alone. Do not be tainted by reviews from strangers. What's important is when you touch someone with what you've written, like that Clash post Tim read. Well, who am I to say what's important? That's what's important to me though. My post about my musical history was gratifying on so many levels... remembering and sharing that part of myself, hearing back from my friends, watching these threads echo between common experiences, triggering new memories. Mmm-mm, that's one tasty-ass blog sandwich right there!

    I get all kindsa Google traffic from Farenheit 9/11 trailer-seekers.
    Behold: The trailer is live. I a'splode.

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