Mallman flies

Mallman just wants to play piano (while in flight). Also, a rat! on TwitPic

I'll have video of this moment (close to it, anyway) up on MN Stories today, too.

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Rock Music Peaked in 1973

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One more reason to love David Byrne

David Byrne, Playing the Building. It's funny to see Xeni Jardin acting like a doting fangirl.

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My new fLAVORITE raveup

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ZOMFG Weezer FTW!!111!!one ;) j/k

Weezer squeezed the whole wide internets into one music video!

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Atmosphere on Conan

South Minneapolis will be proud: Atmosphere performs "You" on the Late Show. Killer.

UPDATE: I Just realized who that woman is singing on this awesome tune, and the last few Atmosphere albums: My old friend from Twin Cities Public Television, Mankwe Ndosi. Sweet! We used to work on a project called Learning Park and we on the teevee together once. She's an amazing improvisational vocalist and all-around love energy kind of person.

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My favorite new song: "Imagine"

You know how annoying it is getting tons of friend requests from completely random bands, most of which suck? Well, maybe it's not such a band thing. Today I got a friend request from Master of Con?usion. He has a geeky Macbook-rainbow photo and he's from Minneapolis, so I checked out his tunes.

I didn't care for his default song, "Whatanassshaker," but then I clicked on "Imagine." Wow. This song put the biggest smile on my face. It's so damn techno-hippy-optimistic, and poppy as hell. I just love the living crap out of this song. Share in my joy, won't you? And somebody put this guy on the radio.


Download the MP3

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Let's Go (Prince) Crazy

I have Prince madness! Prince fans in Minneapolis and beyond are dying to get into his show at First Avenue. They're lined up around the block. I don't have the endurance to stand in line downtown on one of the hottest days of the year - this will surely be a test of how far Prince fans are willing to go. I did make it into PiPress music writer Ross Raihala's roundup of favorite Prince songs, though:

"Darling Nikki" (1984): "A scuzzy kid named Shane used to crank this song in the back of my Fridley school bus. Every day. He had long hair, a cross earring, and wore a jean jacket laden with metal band pins. A stoner burnout, playing this dirty Prince song that made the whole bus feel naughty and super cool. It's not my favorite Prince song, but I'll forever remember it as a preteen hormone amplifier." -- Chuck Olsen, Blogumentary.

Chuck Klosterman naturally has a hilarious take on this tune. There are lots of Prince songs I like much more - "I Would Die 4 U" just might be my favorite.

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Dear First Avenue, 331 Club, City Pages, and any other guilty venue

Please don't have your web site calendar switch to the next day's events at midnight. It's Friday night, and I have no way right now to see who is playing at your clubs because your stupid web site has switched over to Saturday. Hello???

Also, I think I'm the only one of our friends that likes going out to rock shows anymore. I'm really bummed I missed Askeleton tonight. Let's go see some rock shows and rock out. kthxbai!

pps - Jamming on my Yamaha SK15 almost helps soothe the urge to rock. Except I can only play like one chord.

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More singing to make you weepy

From now on, only singing and rocking videos on this here blog! Yay!

Amazing SIX-Year-Old Singer

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