Tune in to The Chuck Show for (?) !


That's right, friends – my friends – I will be streaming video live on election night
from CNN Grill at Time Warner Center in New York. They tell me "Internet reporter Abbi Tatton will do live hits (and possible blogger interviews) on CNN" and a very heavy programming presence for CNN.com Live. Live hits, do they mean she'll do drugs on-air?

If I can hear Abbi Tatton's English accent while I drink excessively on CNN's dime, America wins. A brighter tomorrow is just around the corner, especially since I'll have my kickass Obama doll and a surprise McCain creature doll.

Picture_66 My longtime friend and videoblog superhero / citizen journalist Steve Garfield will also be there, doing what he does best: Being Steve, on video, with the people. We have long threatened "The Chuck and Steve Show" (or was it The Steve and Chuck Show?) and oh yes, it will happen. Of course my massive ego filled up the entire logo I made, but I must keep up the cult of personality - you do understand?

Anyway, that's probably the very least interesting thing you can expect from The UpTake's live nationwide coverage. We've got vote chaser's in several hotspots and Noah Kunin is down in Chicago with Citizen Kate, Global Pundit Steve, and about 2 million hopefully-not-rioting revellers. Come fuckin' hang out with us!

(Disclaimer: Logo is a demonstration of the Logobama tool and not meant as an endorsement or any other connection by The UpTake. It's just me being silly, honest. Though I did already vote for "That One - shh.)

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Farewell, Smitty

My stepdad, Gerald Duane Schmit

My stepdad, Jerry, passed away last week. I just found out a few days ago from my mom. He was living in Texas with his daughter; here's the obituary. Doesn't mention me, but probably not surprising since I haven't been part of his life for at least ten years. When I was growing up in the 80's with him and my mom, he was obviously a HUGE part of my life. I haven't really had a chance to absorb it.

We're going to place an obituary here in MN where he lived his whole adult life, known to many Crown Auto customers as "Smitty." In fact, pretty much the only thing he ever wore was a blue mechanics' uniform with a patch that said "Smitty."

Random memory: Once he and I were eating dinner at a Rax roastbeef near Northtown Mall. He was drunk on a couple of Manhattans (his drink) and pissed off about something.
He told me: "Everyone's wearing an invisible sign around their neck that says, I Want to Feel Important."

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what i am doing...

  • I'll begin my day with a fresh cup of Senator Norm Coleman announcing he's running for something, probably re-election. I'm hoping to stream the video live at The UpTake. Yes, I call it "Norman in the Mornin'!"
  • WestGlen Power Professionals Lunchtime Seminar. What's that? I don't exactly know, but PR-blogger-whiz-man-about-town Greg Swan has the lowdown. Charged with creating viral buzz for your brand’s products or services but not sure how to navigate the constantly changing world of Internet communications and social media? Call Corn Guy.
  • Secret RNC planning at the Walker Art Center
  • Commenting on Aaron Landry's controversial Twitter post
  • CAT UPDATE: Oh hey my cat Jasmine seems to be feeling better, yeah she was not eating. Bad tooth situation. I'd post a photo here, but my Flickr Pro account has lapsed and I'm fuckass broke.
  • Hugs :) :) :)

Yet another video of Mooki licking my head. Daddy's hair taste like dead bunnies!

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Watch Me in 2008


Local people to watch in 2008, from the Pioneer Press:

Chuck Olsen: The local video guru looks to do interesting things again in 2008. He's one of the ragtag "citizen journalists" behind The UpTake (theuptake.org), a new video site offering its unique spin on the presidential race (the site has its physical digs near the downtown St. Paul site of this summer's Republican National Convention). Olsen's political videos are cropping up on Veracifier (veracifier.com), a site co-operated by political writer and superblogger Joshua Micah Marshall (talkingpointsmemo.com). Meanwhile, Olsen's Minnesota Stories (mnstories.com) video site reportedly will be back in early 2008 after a months-long hiatus. We're also rooting for the politically incorrect Vlog Santa (vlogsanta.tv) to resurface next holiday season despite of his online "series finale" this season.

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"also HOT"

Sexy Geek (runner-up)

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Random Chuck Notes

Nice Pioneer Press article about Google's Street View coming to the Twin Cities.
"It's just plain fun to photographically cruise around town," filmmaker Chuck Olsen said. "It's like something out of a cyberpunk novel, without the danger and drugs."

Julio also mentioned Vlog Santa and Minnesota Stories in this list of recommended local podcasts.

Scoble leaves PodTech for reals

An event that shall forever be associated with a "Shitbag Salad" - as evidenced in this article. Good luck Scoble - I think everyone will be happier to see you move on.

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The Best Gift is Helping Others

I think a lot of people are feeling the same thing this holiday season: I don't need more stuff.
I'd rather that money went toward some good in the world.

Inspired by Steve Garfield, I'm asking my friends and family to donate to Doctors Without Borders. They're an independent international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters, or exclusion from health care in more than 70 countries.


MORE DONATION IDEAS:: The UpTake (support citizen journalism!), Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (my mom had breast cancer), Lupus Foundation of America (my aunt suffers from Lupus.)

(ps - but you know, I still totally want a Wii and Guitar Hero!)

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Networking in NYC


I'm heading to New York for the Networked Journalism Conference, a day of intense citizen journalism best-practices discovery and collaboration from Jeff Jarvis, Dave Cohn, and the CUNY School of Journalism. I'll be there with Mike Mcintee, my expert CJ cohort in The Uptake. (Whew, enough links for ya?)

I'm sure looking forward to seeing old friends (Steve Garfield, Andy Carvin, Brian Conley, Bill Cammack, Blipsters, Action Girl? Grace? Anyone else coming out for a Burp Castle brew) and new.

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Am I going to San Jose?

Yep, for a couple of days. I'm on a panel at the Web Video Summit:


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Hello baby me!


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