Chuck on Minnov8

This morning I was a guest on the excellent Minnov8 podcast. I have to admit, my coherence is a couple notches below Sarah Palin levels at 9am Saturday morning, especially when being interviewed by the smartest guys in the room: Steve Borsch, Tim Elliott, Phil Wilson, and Garrick Van Buren. Nevertheless, we had a good discussion especially if you're interested in all this live video / citizen journalism-type stuff. Here's the MP3:

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PodCamp Boston

PodCamp Boston is a FREE BarCamp-style meetup for podcasters and listeners, bloggers and readers, and new media types of all stripes. Looks like a very cool event. One of the organizers is Chris Brogan of New Media School.

I want to organize a Minnesota Media-Maker event here this fall, nothing too formal, gathering indie media types (both film/video and new media) together to share info and schmooze. Let me know if you have any ideas about partners and venues.

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Frequent Minnesota Stories contributor Duane Kuss has just launched a new hyperlocal online media project. "DigElogROCORI local stories (Rockville, Cold Spring & Richmond, MN) will be covered using three distinct internet media forms ... Blog, Podcast and Vlog." Duane and I have met a few times for deep conversation about online media, and his new brainchild will really be an exploration of those ideas. I hope other communities, and cable access stations, are inspired by Duane's project. It's better than cable access in many ways: It's short and sweet, and you can watch/listen/read on your own terms. As Duane says, "Have it your way."

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There's a lot of talk in the vlogosphere lately about if and how we can sustain ourselves.
In a word, money.

Vlog aggregetor-pioneers Jay Dedman, Peter Van Dijck and Josh Kinberg came up with a brilliant idea:

    VIDEO: rel="payment", a proposal
    Pay Me

I like it. It's just a simple piece of code enabling a payment button to piggyback on a video or podcast - even in an aggregator like Mefeedia or FireANT. No need to wait for iTunes or Google to enact micropayments - we can do this now.

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Move over iTunes, Odeo is open for bidness! It's nice and easy to find and subscribe to podcasts. What'll really push Odeo over-the-top is when their CREATE tool is ready. It would be cool if they expanded to videoblogs in the future.

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I always wanted to be Adam Curry's neighbor.

According to my man on the inside, my videoblog Secret Vlog Injection is currently featured on the main page of iTunes Canada. How cool is that? I'm wearing 3 sweaters it's so cool.

Our next challenge is to make iTunes recognize my name, and heck maybe even a graphic. According to this page there are some custom iTunes RSS tags. Can any of you smart people tell me how to customize my (TypePad-generated) RSS feed?

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Via my man Duncan - iTunes 4.9 not only supports podcasts (extremely cool) but videoblogs:

Hey, that's not an MP3... it's an Amanda Congdon from Rocketboom!

You have to search the podcast directory to find them - I'm waiting for mine to show up. And, it's not nearly as cool or functional as FireANT. But it could change everything and introduce videoblogs to the masses. How long before our audience grows exponentially? People will be turning their TVs off in droves. Films will have a new distribution outlet. We'll go through more growing pains. It's an exciting time for personal media.

iTunes certainly trumps Google Video as the exciting media development of the day. Even so, it may be inferior to Odeo when that gets released. Power users will likely use FireANT and Odeo, while iTunes introduces a whole new audience to podcasting and videoblogging. Start a vlog and host it for free. You have a voice - why not use it? Besides... it's super fun.

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Grokster loses: Technology for trading files on the Internet unanimously condemned by U.S. Supreme Court, despite differing opinions.

Huge, sad, idiotic news. And ironic, considering corporations abide copyright when it's convenient.

And... what does this mean for videoblogging? Dunno.

Here's a link to a BitTorrent distribution of the decisions in Grokster, today's Supreme Court decision that established a new copyright thoughtcrime: "inducing" your users to infringe by failing to employ restrictions that you believe will reduce copyright infringement. BitTorrent is a P2P software application that was not designed to reduce infringement. Many BitTorrent users use it to pass around infringing copies of movies and music. Many also use it to distribute Supreme Court decisions.

This decision won’t kill P2P sharing. [...] But what today’s decision will kill is American innovation.

Also? Scientists have created zombie dogs and giant robot lobsters.

I'm not leaving the house anymore. I'm staying inside and reading the Holy Bible.

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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jeff Dixon (aka Jethro) from MadBlog2020. We talked a lot about blogs and politics, and veered into citizen journalism and videoblogs. You can listen here. Jeff says Best times to listen: 9:30 am, 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:30 pm .....etc. (you can probably see the pattern by now).

Also: Check out this really cool animated work-in-progress by Nina Paley: The Sitayana (aka Sita Sings the Blues)

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First David Duchovny, now John Edwards. What next, Battlestar Galactica?


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