Chuck in a wheelchair

Let's see... what did I do Friday night? See the North American premier of A Prairie Home Companion? Nope. Go to any of the many SXSW parties with my videoblogger pals? No.

As you might have seen from my Flickr photo, I was in an Austin hospital with what turned out to be strep throat. This was a huge relief actually, because the doctor seemed kinda obsessed with giving me a spinal tap (!) to check for meningitis.

Anyway, I'll stop whining now. I've got antibiotics and am holed up in Robert's house, and he's just the nicest guy ever. A big-hearted Texan with the oldest pig in the state out in his backyard. Rocketboom has been editing their much-anticipated commercials on my laptop while I've been passed out in the spare bedroom, waiting for this to pass. Amanda's mom is a doctor, and says I should be mostly over it (and no longer contagious) after 24 hours on antibiotics. So tonight... I will emerge. Gently, like a feeble butterfly.

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I'm so happy this photo was approved for my badge. I'll be on the VIDEO BLOG BUSINESS MODELS panel on 3/14, along with Andrew Baron, Josh Kinberg, and some dudes with venture capital-backed businesses. Yeah, I think I'm the little guy in the pool.

HOT NEW PANEL: DEMOCRATIZATION OF THE MOVING IMAGE with Andrew + Amanda from Rocketboom. Cool! Vloggers, come to this and reprazent. And you can check out a "high-end video phone for SXSW vlogging. I might try to get one, but only if I have the rights to post the video on my site too.

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I first attended South By Southwest Interactive festival in 2003 (read about it here) for Blogumentary. Every year has been a distinct and incredible experience, mostly because of the people. There's really nothing else like it. The interactive fest is unparalleled, but mix in the best indie documentary and music, some booze, and -- well you get the picture.

This year marks my debut as a panelist. Along with Andrew and unknown others, our panel is "Video Blogging Business Models." I think I'm supposed to offer the Minnesota Stories locally-focused vlog business model. You know, the one that's paved my way to riches? Yeah, that one. I have been thinking about this a lot lately (Vlogonomics) so I think we'll have plenty to talk about. There are a couple more vloggy panels on the same day, hopefully not at the same time: "DIY Media: Consumer is the Producer" and "How to Add Video to Your Blog." I'm very happy to see this late addition of vlogs and DIY media to the SXSW schedule.

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