Rocketboom for Travel?


Check out Travelistic. A global travel site with user-submitted video has been a good idea waiting to happen - so far, I like what they're doing. Apparently it's headed up by a former head of MTV's online strategy. The bad news is they want to do pre-roll ads instead of post-roll. Big THUMBS DOWN to that -- if they really want to be the Rocketboom of travel, they'll go with user-friendly post-roll ads.

I've uploaded a few videos from Minnesota Stories and one from Korea. They liked those enough to make me a "User Spotlight" which is very nice. Uptown Art Car Parade is currently the #2 rated video. I do wonder, what's the benefit for a video producer to share content with Travelistic? Traffic, more notoriety, public service... cold hard cash? They probably won't pay if they don't have to, but I'd sure like to see a little revenue sharing in return for sharing my content.

I know, I'm so demanding.

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I leave for NYC shortly (THE BIG SCREENING). I checked the Travelocity site for the latest travel alerts, and found this:

Northwest Faces Possible Flight Attendant Strike

Northwest Airlines may face random, unannounced strikes dubbed CHAOS (Create Havoc Around Our System) throughout its flight operations from its flight attendants starting August 25 if a new contract agreement is not reached between the airline and the union representing the flight attendants.

How about CHAOS: Can Honey Arrive On-time Safely? Please?

Also, brutally crashes Safari. I feel much safer now, knowing you can't provide a safe browsing experience. Thanks government!

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