One Year in 40 seconds

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

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Minnesota Senate Recount Update

It's always nice to get featured on the YouTube after working on an UpTake video all night:

I spent all day at the Hennepin Country Elections Warehouse... "where good votes go to die." Kidding! It was interesting to see the very guts of the democratic process. We'll be posting raw video from recount locations at Record The Recount, starting with everything I shot on Day One in Minneapolis. Transparency, and all that jazz.

Below, my favorite image from the recount so far from MPR photographer and cool dude Bill Alkofer:


Here are my recount photos.

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Time Out 4 Fun!

I'm gradually posting long forgotten vlog-era videos to the YouTubes. Here's one now.
Original uncensored version (with cock!) is on Vlog Deathmatch.

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Another day making the sausage


Actually WHAT REALLY HAPPENED is my man Tom Elko headed down to a noontime presser at Coleman HQ in St. Paul.
FIGHT THE POWER I told him, later corrected to ACCESS THE POWER. This is how it turned out (predictably):

Yeah, we don't have much time for it either. I'm sure we're quite the joke down at the Coleman HQ. Heck, we're quite the joke down at The UpTake HQ. (Come to our fundraiser, for $100 we'll have you thrown out of a political event of your choosing!) Still, this was the third time we'd been kicked out and I wanted to do something. A bit too dramatic? A stunt? Maybe, but it felt right. I had a live "press conference" of my own, but I was muzzled.


I put up various messages like "The UpTake Muzzled - This could have been live Coleman coverage" while playing other clips of us getting kicked out, along with interview footage with Prof. Jane Kirtley saying that sort of behavior has not held up in the courts. I started editing more press freedom-related clips as I silently protested, and tossed them into rotation. It was sort of improv political theater protest - yeah, something as pretentious as that I'm afraid.

People noticed, though, which was the point. MNspeak, Greg Swan, Minnesota Independent, and Digital Journal – and a bunch of other cool people on the twitters and stuff – you guys rock and I kiss your butts hard.


“We’re part of this struggle to legitimize the future of journalism” + “What happens to one journalist happens to all journalists.”

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America says YES to Barry (!!!!?!)


Emma Flemming must've been dancing tonight.

Emma Flemming, who marched with Martin Luther King, is joyous on the day of Barack Obama's DNC acceptance speech. But, in this interview with Salimah Ebrahim, she says we'll only realize Dr. King's dream when we can see beyond party lines.

Here's a taste of the Obama-mania in Times Square. This is calm compared to Brooklyn and Harlem I hear.

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The Braintake: Citizen zombie

Big props to Jeremy Afterglide for his bleeding edge undead journalism.

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Victoria Jackson is scary

Saturday Night Live alum Victoria Jackson appears in a new ad against Al Franken:

Poor Victoria has gone off the deep end. Maybe that's why we don't see her acting anymore. Check out the crazy on her web site - she calls Obama a Marxist, a liar, a racist, and - well, you get the idea.

I hope that  America realizes that Obama is a communist before it's too late.

Obama bears traits that resemble the anti- Christ and I'm scared to death that un- educated people will ignorantly vote him into office.

You see, what bothers me most, besides being a Communist, and a racist [...] is that he is a LIAR.

Here's a little video of her going off. Enjoy!

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Fantasty excursion: Obama Victory video

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Shoot hoops - not each other!

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Opie, Richie, the Fonz - yay!

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

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