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Well, it's time for the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival again. Already? Yep. Time to buy a 10 film pass and try my damndest to fill it up with punch holes. So far I've got 2 punches down, although I've seen 4 films in the last 2 days.

Last night we (Chuck, Jonathan, Kelly, Crystal, & I) saw Childstar at the State, and then went to a lovely soiree at the Minneapolis Women's Club. Canadian Filmmaker Don Mckellar(Childstar, Last Night) was in attendance of both the film and the party.

Today I saw The Great Communist Bank Robbery, Melinda & Melinda and McDull, Prince de la Bun.

Childstar: Liked it very much. Great acting, plot, a few twists and a message.

The Great Communist Bank Robbery:It was ok. Very Romanian. Take that how you will.

Melinda & Melinda: Really liked it, maybe loved, still digesting. Nice format, acting, a bit stiff on the dialogue -nothing new with Allen though. Interesting story and characters.

McDull, Prince de la Bun: Liked it. Visually stimulating and mostly incomprehensible. Made us giggle many times, wonderful animation. Over-all a delight, though a puzzling one.

Up next:
Chokher Bali, White Dream, Genesis, then-?

On the docket:
Land of Plenty, The Girl From Monday

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