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Green Infants


Well, here they are so far. Most of the tomatoes are up, most of the peppers too. Just a few stragglers that I'm trying to coax/force to sprout. The Blondkopfchen Tomato seeds I got from Seed Savers last year are still a no go. I tried them last year as well, and got nothing. Anyone else try these? The other problem child is the Early Yellow Stripe from Tomato Fest, also a last year seed. According to my notes I got one to germ last year, but I think it got lost in the shuffle, because I don't recall any yellow stripey tomatoes. Unless that was one that was lost to the hail storm? I'll never know.

Tonight I planted 6 more Blondkopfchen and 7 more Early Yellow Stripe. Not sure why the 6 and 7, numerology? I dunno. That's just what I ended up doing. I only used 2 peat pots between 'em though, I through wasting peat pots on those suckers! Grow, or you can forget about it! (or, I'll try again next year.) Peat pots are cheap, but come on.

I also planted some Peruvian Purple Chiles  I got from a friend and  a couple Orange Mini Peppers, and one more red one. Oh, and one more tomato - I swear it's the last one! A Black Plum Paste from my friend Kelly. They are 2006 seeds from Seeds of Change, freebies I guess. We'll see if I can tell why they were freebies.

What's up in your pots or patch?

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You're way ahead of me! I've been caught in the depressing morass of 30 degree temps and haven't gotten anywhere with seeds yet.

Your babies look pretty cute, though.

Posted by: Tracy at Apr 10, 2007 9:08:39 AM

Thanks Tracy, they are adorable aren't they? So innocent. They have no idea what kind of world they've been born into - hail, searing heat, squirrels. Well, we do our best to give 'em a good start anyway.

Better get goin' on them seeds girl! Or, perhaps if you live around here (minneapolis) you'd like some of my leftover seedlings? Assuming I end up with some - which is VERY likely.

Posted by: Lorika at Apr 10, 2007 9:57:36 AM

What beautiful children you have Lori. Keep it up. That hail you guys got last year was nuts -- tomato-mashers!

Posted by: Dan at Apr 16, 2007 10:40:36 PM

Why thank you Dan! I'm keeping my fingers crossed we don't get any more hail like that. Especially not twice!

Posted by: Lorika at Apr 17, 2007 3:04:18 PM