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First Tomatoes '07!

Well, it's official - I've picked my first tomatoes of '07. No pix yet, sorry - perhaps if I get up early enough tomorrow I can take some and post 'em before going to the cabin.

I actually picked my first two a few days ago, last sunday to be exact. They were 2 "Cherry Romas" and not quite ripe, but wer were leaving for a few days and I wanted to make sure we got to eat the first tomatoes and not the squirrels! Good thing too, 'cause I found a half eaten half ripe one on the ground when we got back last night. (A tomato, not a squirrel silly! Gross!)

The winner this year then was technically a Black Plum Paste tomato, but it had blossom end rot, so I didn't pick it until today. The others were a couple Tigerellas - vollunteers, and a couple of Blondkopfchens. I haven'tt tried any of them yet though, I guess I'm saving them for the cabin weekend.

Basil is also starting to go gangbusters, beans are blooming, and the squashes are finally looking like they may do something after all. It's amazing what a few days away from your garden will do. Sometimes I wonder if it's like that old "watched pot" saying, except this time it's a watched garden never grows. Or, maybe it's just the heat.

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Lorika Potter and the Tomato Hallows!

Tomato picking news, now this is exciting... Just think if we could get one of our presidential canditates excited about home grown food. White house tomats anyone?

Look forward to the pictures of the goods. And no, not the squirrel!

Posted by: Chris Martell at Aug 1, 2007 9:25:10 PM

I have now tried all the tomatoes that are ripe so far.

I like the Blondkopfchen - a nice little semi-sweet yellow cherry.

The Yellow Pears have been a bit mealy so far, but maybe that's due to the dry weather?

The Cherry Romas are a big disappointment. Pretty bland and not sweet at all.

Black Plum Paste are pretty good - even raw. They are black tomatoes though, and I've never had a black tomato I didn't like. They just seem to have a richer flavor.

Never been a fan of the Tigerella (except the name) but they were volunteers and have been the most prolific so far, so I'm glad they are here.

Posted by: Lorika at Aug 6, 2007 10:58:26 AM