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Happy Peppers!


Here are a few of the peppers I grew this season. I'm so happy to get some ripe on the vine! At this point in the season though, I'm pulling them before they are totally ripe to let them finish inside. That way more will ripen before the dreaded frost comes!

Pictured are; Jimmy Nardello - the long red one, (they are the best - super sweet!) Alma Paprika - the little reddish orange one, Peruvian Purple Chile - little purple one (they are hottt!), and Sweet Chocolate - reddish brown one (they don't taste like chocolate).

I will grow all of these again next year. Especially the Jimmys - they are so good!

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Gorgeous. I wish my Jimmy Nardellos got that big! Maybe I just had a bad year when I grew them and should give them a shot next year? Seriously, mine were about 2 inches long!

Posted by: v-nick at Sep 12, 2007 6:27:02 PM