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What's still growing?


"The Jungle" side view.


"The jungle" full on.


Mini Peppers! Still going despite the cold (40's and 50's) Not ripening though. : (


Yellow Crookneck - smaller but still producing a few. They're about 6 inches long.


Fall raspberries, what a treat. Last year, they froze before they even had a chance.


Blondkopfchen cherry tomatoes. These guys are still going crazy. They aren't very flavorful, but they produce a ton. Good for salads and dipping.


Pineapple Tomato - one of my all-time favs. In one of my wine bottle cozys. It's supposed to keep the varmints out - it kinda works.


And finally, Fall Peas! They are Tom Thumbs - not a very good pea at all, but they produce when they are very small, and can grow in pots. These actually sprouted from some peas that had rotted in a plastic bag in the fridge. (shhhh! Don't tell anyone!)

All in all a pretty good fall. when I can still pick tomatoes mid October, I guess that's pretty good. SO glad I didn't rip everything out yet. I'll probably regret it though when it snows before I can do fall clean-up again.

Next up - get those tulip bulbs and garlic into the ground! "Course it would help if the damn rain would stop!

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Those raspberries look great, wish i could grow them in my garden.

Posted by: Tim (Organic) Lester at Jan 5, 2008 8:25:15 PM