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Japanese Black Trifele


This fine pair are Japanese Black Trifele tomatoes. These were the ones I was most excited about this year for some reason - I'm sure it is the name. I mean, if they were called Early Boys or something, I wouldn't be interested. As they are named they have the mystique of the black truffle mushroom - or so I thought. Of course, as excited as I was about them it was pretty much assured I'd be disappointed. And yes, I was. They are ok, but I didn't think they even measured up to the Black Prince, which are so far my favorite black tomato. Ok, just to be sure, I'm gonna go cut up another one right now and taste it again...

Ok, yes, they are disappointing! Very mild and really barely any tomato flavor. Hmmm, I think I'm going to have to try them again anyway though, because I really like their pear shape and I didn't get them in early enough to let them fully ripen on the vine. Is that going to make a difference? Stay tuned.

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