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Spring Cleaning

Just a quick post - I know it's been awhile! But, as my fellow secret farmers know, Spring is a busy time. So many seeds to plant and so much mulch to remove. It's clean up time!

And the weeds! Every year I am surprised at how much the weeds have grown already. I swear they grow under the snow! I've got Creeping Charlie in the strawberries and Crab Grass in the raised garden. Then there's the invasive species that you have foolishly decided to grow anyway. Now is a good time to quite literally, nip them in the bud! I've been pulling strawberries out of the brick patio, and Cup and Saucer out of the side garden. I'm sure once I get back out there. I'll see I've got a bunch more stuff to pry out of the dirt that I hadn't noticed yet.

As much as Spring is a time for tidying up, it is also a time for planting outside, and that's the fun part right? I've got three kinds of peas in the ground do far, and with no rain have been watering them. I planted about 35 each of Cascadia, Super Sugar Snap and Carouby De Maussane (a snow pea). So far not a single shoot has shown it's face-? But, I'm trying not to panic and be patient. Which I don't know about you, but is very hard for me. I've also planted a bunch of re-seeded radishes in little patches, and some of them have come up. I'm pretty sure I've also got some volunteer lettuce coming up, unless it's some kinda tricky weed, in which case I am watching new developments closely.

I've also made some mini greenhouses to start my tomato seedlings in this year. It's super easy, and super green!

Well, I better get out there again - there's rain in the forecast, and I'd like to get perhaps a few cold weather things in the ground first. Of course, if I do it's sure not to rain. ; )

What do you have in the ground so far? Did you lose anything over the winter?

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I love this time of year...it's the only time I don't mind dandelions! After the long winter, I'll take any green I can get. This winter I did do something new, though....worm composting. I use table scraps and shredded newspaper to get out rich, organic worm castings that is 100% natural, organic soil. Highly recommend it as it helps you and the environment (less pollution, less landfill). http://www.red-worm-composting.com/

Posted by: Mark at May 7, 2009 9:26:18 PM

Cool. I've been thinking about doing the indoor worm composting myself, to supplement my outdoor composting. Also, I like that you can "recycle" more of your food with the wormies.

Posted by: Lorika at May 15, 2009 12:26:46 PM

Creeping Charlie will outlive all of us. For billions of years.

Posted by: MNObserver at May 27, 2009 3:50:31 PM

One more thing -- I lost LOTS this winter. My honeysuckle (which grows like a weed most of the time) is dead. My supposedly hardy Alberta climbing rose died back and lost about half its size. My purple-leafed/pink-flowered small bush/tree (I don't know what it's called) is three-quarters dead and going to be removed this weekend. The privet is doing ok, but the yews in front have some ugly die-back. The hardy daisies never came back.

It's sad.

Posted by: MNObserver at May 28, 2009 10:52:37 AM

Your problem with the diebacks/outs, could have more to do with rain than temps. I lost a few things this Spring due to way below normal rain levels. I just didn't think about watering this stuff as I normally never had to!

Posted by: Lorika at Jun 23, 2009 12:02:34 PM

Spring is coming up again and we are getting excited! I have a worm farm as well Mark that I have in my garden shed in the back yard. It is fascinating and very environmentally friendly. Kids love it as well.
I'd better go and we all busy preparing for spring anyways...
Regards, Andy Absco

Posted by: Andy Absco at Mar 1, 2010 1:02:26 AM

The privet is doing ok, but the yews in front have some ugly die-back. The hardy daisies never came back.

Posted by: Ladies Boots at Nov 30, 2011 6:49:28 AM