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All about the berries!

All about the berries
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Hey! Two posts in one day?! What the...!

Yes, the berries. That is what it is all about right now at the secret farm. First, it was the strawberries by the bucket all June long (and still a few stragglers now) And right on their heels (or whatever berries have) the raspberries! They are crazy this year! Which makes me wonder, do berries like drought? I did not water the raspberries AT ALL, and they are just nutso! BTW, the pic shows about a 1/4 of the raspberries picked yesterday!

The strawberries were pretty gangbusters too, with very little attention from me. In fact, watering them just seems to encourage slug damage, so I am refraining.

I just don't know how they make themselves so juicy and delicious without rain!? I know raspberries have very deep roots - ever try to dig some up? But strawberries have very shallow roots. Pretty amazing.

What are all your berries up to? What are your favs?

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Monarchs released!

Released Monarch
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This is one of the 3 Monarchs we had that made cocoons on the same day, and came out on the same day! Unfortunately, they came out early in the morning on July 4th and when we got up and saw them we didn't have time to get more than a few iPhone shots of them before we had to run off to a parade. Oh well. We've got another one getting close to making a cocoon now, perhaps it will come out when we have more time to spend with it!

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