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A rainbow mountain of chard!

Chard is really one of the prettiest edibles to grow in your garden- good for you and tasty too! I grow about 6 varieties each year around my front yard tomatoes, and intersperse with Lisianthus flowers. It's one of my prettiest gardens.

Do you grow chard? If your just growing the green "Swiss Chard" why not try some colors next year? Taste the rainbow!

A rainbow mountain of chard!

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Lucky Tiger

I'm ba-aaaaaaack!

Didja miss me? It's only been 3 years! :)

I thought I'd get my blogging feet wet again with a nice little tomato review post. So here goes:

Lucky Tiger

 Lucky Tiger from Johnny's Select Seeds


I am a total sucker for seed marketing - at least when it come to the name. Name anything with tiger, and I will buy it. Dragon? Forget about it - I am so there. Golden Queen tomato, Thai Dragon pepper, Purple Haze carrot? Yep. Bought 'em all. Sometimes you get burned and the plant or the fruit is a total dud and you chide yourself for being so foolish--but sometimes, it totally works out and you find a new favorite.

That was definitely the case with the Lucky Tiger tomato seeds I got from Johnny's. At first I thought it was actually a dud because they were all cracking wide open on the vine and I thought - well, I guess that tiger is not so lucky. But them I realized that it was just my mistake in not realizing they were getting too ripe! The photo in the catalog showed them being a more golden color, but at least in my garden they are much more green with a red blush. I finally picked some and tried them and they are great! Sweet and mild with an almost green grape flavor. They are also more thick skinned, but in a good way - they almost crunch! But, they are juicy and great for salads or just eating by themselves.

Definitely going to grow them again and would recommend! Added bonus, I think they are a beautiful tomato and to me that is a great selling point. I am always on the lookout for THE most beautiful tomato. :)

So, what new varieties did you try this year? Any new favs or were you plagued by duds?

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