First Paintings of 2005


Here's the first little painting I've done this year. It's quite small, only about 9" X 6" or so. Not sure where it will go next, but I think I like it this direction.


The second painting of '05. The first one went so fast, I thought I'd do another. This one's a little bigger, about 13" X 8". I kind of see a bird type thing in this one so far, what do you see?

They are both oil on wood.

I stopped in at a couple of new art galleries earlier this evening, and I guess I got inspired. Hurray! I haven't painted in quite awhile. Way too long actually. I also talked to the owner of the one gallery, and he said to bring some stuff by. I barely have anything from the past couple years, and I'd want to show new stuff mostly, so I guess I better get to work!

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Fun Pics!





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