Lorika in the Star Tribune!


Hurray! I'm in the Home and Garden section of the Star Tribune today!

The article is on the rise of vegetable gardening in the city.

Check it out!
Homegrown heats up

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And so it begins...

The start of the 2008 gardening season is upon us! Had a seed exchange with friends last week, I've been looking at seed sites and catalogs for weeks, and I planted my first seeds yesterday! On a tip from my friend Maggie, I started my peppers on St. Patrick's Day. She did it last year and said her peppers were bigger by the time they could be transplanted and she got more peppers sooner. Sounds good to me!

I planted Jimmy Nardellos - my favorite; Alma Paprika; red, yellow, and orange mini peppers; Sweet Chocolate; and new comers - Rellano, and Cal Wonder Orange. Still going to start Thai Dragons and some more of all the rest - just in case!

I still need to put in my tomato order at Tomatofest.com and at seedsavers.org, but first I have to figure out; what I have, what I need, and how much more I can cram in to my small garden this year.

I'm not growing Romanesco again, that's for sure!

What are you growing/not growing this year?

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Happy Peppers!


Here are a few of the peppers I grew this season. I'm so happy to get some ripe on the vine! At this point in the season though, I'm pulling them before they are totally ripe to let them finish inside. That way more will ripen before the dreaded frost comes!

Pictured are; Jimmy Nardello - the long red one, (they are the best - super sweet!) Alma Paprika - the little reddish orange one, Peruvian Purple Chile - little purple one (they are hottt!), and Sweet Chocolate - reddish brown one (they don't taste like chocolate).

I will grow all of these again next year. Especially the Jimmys - they are so good!

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Strange Pepper

Strange Pepper
Originally uploaded by Lorika13.

This is a Thai Dragon Pepper that has been living on my kitchen window sill since it broke off last summer and I re-rooted it in this pot. It has had several blooming and friuting cycles as well. I have been pollinating it myself. In the summer it bloomed and fruited pretty much with the rest outside, but during the fall and winter it seems to be confused and blooms every 2 months or so.

Sure wish I'd been keeping track of the cycles. It's been way more than what you'd expect. Actually, I wouldn't expect any flowering or anything from a hot pepper in a winter window.

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