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IKEA Parking Lot


Can you tell I'm trying to get y'all to signup for Minnesota Stories? That's where the action is! I'm pouring my heart and sweat into quality video nuggets every day, with a lot of help from Starfire and Duane Kuss - and hopefully more people soon.

July 15, 2005 at 07:04 AM in LOCAL | Permalink


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Wow, so much fuss about an Ikea store? Haha, hilarious :o) Here in Sweden, Ikea is where you buy your everyday, not-too-expensive bookshelf/whatever. And then you have to put it together yourself. Heheh, fun to see some Swedish folk costumes though. Heja Sverige!

Posted by: kristina at Jul 15, 2005 8:27:01 AM

Fartfull! did you have a hotdog and a cinnamon roll? Way to break in some of that furniture! But durnit, I thought Minnesota was voting for Norge. Uff da.

Posted by: clark at Jul 15, 2005 9:04:27 AM

Jumping on beds. Always fun.

Posted by: Steve Garfield at Jul 15, 2005 9:55:48 AM

I love to see Sweden through non-swedish eyes! We always seem weird :)

Posted by: anders at Jul 15, 2005 12:26:12 PM

A) Who knew Swedes could get so excited about furniture?

B) I love the opening sequence of MN Stories. That floating flower is beautiful, and the sound of the water against the background music is perfect.

Posted by: Tim at Jul 18, 2005 12:36:23 AM

thanky Tim!

yes, i think it gives us some illusion of connection to our Nordic heritage. well that, and cheap mod furniture. :-)

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 18, 2005 1:06:50 AM

Usually I'm really stoked about our geek culture, but this sort of fanaticism over IKEA is somehow very, very disturbing.

It's like all that fanaticism over crappy little brands has grown up with Apple, Volkswagen and Star Wars and now people don't see any difference between professing their love for Vans and throwing their arms around the biggest chain to come to town.

There is no long tail!

The long tail in american consumerism is dead!

Now, I'm going to go to the Walmart picnic and after that I'm going to go to a Windows meet-up. Windowz rulez! and then perhaps take in a nice how-to at lowes or home depot or something.

Bye-bye yall! See ya l8tr!

-Mike of mmeiser.com/blog

Posted by: Michael Meiser at Jul 18, 2005 5:47:29 AM

Okay, if you're comparing IKEA to Walmart and Windows, I'm going to have to ask you to step outside. And leave me inside with my IKEA couch, which is big and comfy and cool and cheap. And bed. And rugs...

Size has nothing to do with it - Apple and VW are pretty damn huge companies, and I own their stuff too. IKEA/Apple/VW are totally the geek/yuppie cream dream trifecta of brands.

There's nothing wrong with that - they make products that appeal to my needs and my style, and probably something deeper that they've engineered into invisible mind-control rays.

Why do you single out IKEA? (Some people just plain hate IKEA. I can accept that.)

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 18, 2005 6:38:16 AM

There are many reasons to like Ikea, but the main reason I like Ikea is simple. I get to have well designed furniture at prices I can afford. I get really sick of only being able to afford ugly poorly designed crap, or battered garage sale junk. Now, we have a big comfy couch we can cuddle on. ; )

Also, they are a good employer. They offer health insurance to even part-time employees, and are environmentally conscious. They are WAY better than Walmart, I don't even put them in the same catagory.

And, if you have kids, it must be the best thing ever.

Posted by: Lorika at Jul 18, 2005 10:25:13 AM


Man I love IKEA for the exact same reasons Lorika outlined. Where else can you buy something that is NOT overpriced, overstuffed, and made of ugly flower-print velour? Let's not forget the awesome wood trim... man I hate department stores. IKEA is awesome because stuff is reasonably priced and looks better than grandma's plastic-sheathed furniture.

Let's not hate IKEA just because people like it. It's not good to try to be different just like all the other different people...

PS I don't really care for VW. GO BUICK! haha. No really, go BUICK dammit.

Posted by: chris koehn at Jul 21, 2005 4:42:13 AM

I respect a man that will throw down for Buick.

Posted by: Chuck at Jul 21, 2005 6:27:46 AM

CHUCK: You must listen to Jonathan Coulton's song, entitled "Ikea".

It's so dang catchy, and it serves as an anthem for "some assembly required" funiture lovers like you and me!

Posted by: annie at Jul 26, 2005 2:14:18 AM

I love Minnesota Stories!

Posted by: bottomunion at Aug 27, 2005 8:03:21 PM