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MN STORIES: Rondo Days


Fool! You can never escape Minnesota Stories!

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IKEA Parking Lot


Can you tell I'm trying to get y'all to signup for Minnesota Stories? That's where the action is! I'm pouring my heart and sweat into quality video nuggets every day, with a lot of help from Starfire and Duane Kuss - and hopefully more people soon.

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Trust me - this is cool.


Hey hey it's The Honeys! The magical water-deflecting properties of red russian kale, in CrappoVision.

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Chill out time.


By day, he's a mild-mannered real estate agent. When the sun approaches the horizon, he becomes Ace Malaysian, Action Painter. Grooves by DJ Arm Chair.

This video marks the public unveiling of my new daily Minnesota-themed videoblog, Minnesota Stories. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Greetings Wired News visitors. Keep an eye out for the rest of the videoblogging series this week. In the meantime, here are some resources to help you watch vlogs and make your own.

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Is that a touch-screen wall?


Vloggercue Midwest has come and gone - and all you got was this lousy video. I was really happy to see filmmakers and geek-types come together to learn about videoblogging. We didn't check in with the Flash videoconference too often... too busy chatting and drinking cans of Pabst and Premium. We had some pretty deep conversation about sustainability and advertising. Thanks to everyone who showed up - let's have more of these.

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I am most fond of this short film.


"The life of solitary, asthmatic Simon collides with a nightmare of fears when Clara arrives at his door. 16mm b&w." This is my only foray into 16mm film, painstakingly cut by hand on a tape splicer. Thank God for computers! The computer voice narration is a bit hard to understand - sorry. Simon's Dream was featured in the Walker Art Center's 5 Minutes of Fame webcast in 2002.

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