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I had the pleasure of seeing Michael Verdi in person a few days ago. It wasn't quite as strange as running into his alter ego Aren Mandala in Second Life. This is kinda long but gives you the feel of this world. Best line: omg - i just deleted my house

Aren Mandala's video of the encounter is short and sweet.

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I've built the town I RL work in in SL. It's called "Response" and it is a model of Hanover, NH. Talk about strange... I can stand in front of the Movie Theatre that me and my wife had our first date in, in VR. Cool to read a blog entry about those blurring boundries.

Posted by: Satchmo Prototype at Oct 4, 2005 9:44:51 AM

God, that was weird. Intense and strangely moving. Bush's voice over such a chaotic set of images. Feeling the constraint of the controls. And Michael thinking about his virtual house, and how he feared he'd lost his fake house... while getting tiny glimpses of the people who'd really lost their houses. Intense.

Posted by: Jen Simmons at Oct 4, 2005 4:58:47 PM

That was amazing. Jen pretty much covers it.

Posted by: Markus Sandy at Oct 4, 2005 6:07:23 PM

wow, i never actually thought of michael losing his house juxtaposed with real people losing their NOLA houses... yes, very strange. it definitely has a "feel" being there, it's hard to describe.

Posted by: chuck at Oct 5, 2005 7:49:15 PM

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