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Check out my new video camera! It's so tiny, and so high-def baby. And it was pretty cheap on the eBay. It's not my dream camera, but it'll serve me well for lots of things right now, including Minnesota Stories. My man on the west coast Eric Rice is picking one up and wanted to see some footage. Unfortunately I screwed up the compression, and there's some blue screen noise, but this will have to do. For some reason it's really difficult to find sample HC1 footage - I hope to have plenty more.

I thought I'd do a little test run of Vlog Santa, who will be making his debut this Friday on MN Stories. This is more like Gay Santa - a work in progress, obviously. Plus a little bonus high-def acne footage at the end - eww!

Sony HC1 test footage [11 MB, requires Quicktime 7]

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